February 25, 2012

granny squares!

I am teaching how to make granny squares in my current crochet workshop.
It's a quite fun project and is a great way to spend little bits of your leftover yarns.

Those two trivets/pot holders are crocheted with leftover yarns from my grandma - a true granny square. It's fun to think of endless possibilities in color combinations. I enjoyed being in my grandma's color palette and her choice of materials - she preferred natural fibers. They can be made fast and they make great gifts!

backing them with fabric makes it steadier & safer
when grabbing your hot skillet.
for pot holders, I suggest natural fiber yarn,
so they won't melt!


  1. 可愛いのがたくさん出来たね。綺麗に編めてて使うのがもったいないみたい。

    1. 鍋つかみは汚れるのが運命だからね。


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