December 10, 2012

Foggy. Very foggy morning. And my head is as hazy as the outside.

I'm supposed to finish my drawings for Knit Marché, but my right brain is still asleep. Instead, I decide to do some web stuff - and here I am, writing this now, nibbling on "the Pigeon Cookie" which mom has sent me. Sounds rather gross if you live in New York, but the real name is hato sablé and is a famous souvenir from Kamakura near Tokyo (don't ask me why a French cookie can be the souvenir of a region in Japan, and Kamakura is a lot cleaner city than NYC) , and is a butter cookie shaped like a pigeon.

I always eat this from its tail. As a kid, I always thought eating it from the head is too cruel - but as a grown up, I know it'd be kinder for the bird to be off with his head first so he doesn't have to suffer a slow, painful death --- it's just a cookie, duh!

As you can tell, I'm not awake yet.

At least I sharpened all my pencils.
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  1. お、同じ、しっぽ派。最近はまっぷたつ派。


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