July 27, 2011







July 24, 2011

Japanese summer festival




July 21, 2011

New window display at Creators' Co-Op

cute red roof.

babySOLAIRE: baby fashion.

lots of summery colors & products.

come on in!

July 20, 2011

cutting clouds

What are they for?

You wait and see.

July 19, 2011

Golden Acrylics rules

Repainting an old wooden toy for my daughter's school. It's from the 60s.

The school provided me with a jag of white acrylic paint, so I'm using that and my own Golden Acrylics paint for other colors. I noticed how much better Golden Acrylics are, compared to the one from school that is made in China.

There's more pigments and less medium so the colors are more opaque & vibrant. I guess comparing it with a kids paint to Golden Acrylics is as silly as comparing a toy car to a real car, but it never registered in my mind that I use such a good paint because it just was what I had left since my art school days and I kept using it. (With occasional flirting with Holbein acrylics, which is pretty good, too.) Using another paint reassured me that Golden does make good stuff.

drying wagon.

drying milk bottles.

July 18, 2011

lollipop dress

I wanted to make a summery dress for my almost-4-year-old.
It's so nice that I have friends who can give me sewing advises on a whim. (Designers, theater costume person; most of them make living doing it!) It almost makes me feel like sewing is as normal as eating a sandwich for lunch here. I guess New York City IS a fashion-oriented city, after all. 


July 6, 2011

Greeting Card Portfolio

Just updated my greeting card page at my website with new photos.
I enjoyed taking those pictures near my window.

You can shop those cards here!

July 4, 2011

rainbow of envelopes

A shipment of new envelopes came and this time I got some new colors: persimmon & curry. Persimmon was a slightly orange-ish red, which is one of my favorite hue. 

I really like this mustardy-yellow color with my bunny trumpeter birthday card.

Happy July 4th!

July 1, 2011

"shy hedgehog"

Found a free crochet pattern online called "a shy hedgehog".
Do you know what this is? It's a dish scrubber. Who can resist the dishes with this guy?


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