November 30, 2010





November 19, 2010

Soon it is

New holiday design available at Creators' Co-Op!
The town is full of Christmasy stuff already, but don't forget this important holiday.
Also, Kaiju now has additional holiday card desgins as well.

salt & pepper man

He comes to our home when we do takeouts.

November 17, 2010

November 13, 2010

Creators' Co-op this Saturday

I went to drop off some stands for my greeting cards today at the Creators' Co-op.
Kazuki quickly arranged my stuff on the stands and it looked great! Shop was looking cheerly with its orange walls and colorful products. I was surprised people were constantly coming in and out of this little shop - that's great.

Kili always has a nice time at the store, too. It's just really welcoming. Hope you make it there.

my cards at the entrance!

T-shirts - so far, "Mmm, Mmm, Bad!" is the #1 seller.
kaiju tote bags - one of a kind
The cards look happier sitting on the handmade stand:)
Randy's prints also for sale.
Kazuki with her creations.
She is the founder of this store, designer of
babyNOIR & babySOLAIRE,
and mom of Kili's friend!

Gaetano with his women's clothing line Nero and Lume!

Store is looking full and good.
My favorite shot of our special little shop. It's just happy and cozy.

* * *



* * *

Store address:
26-16 23rd Ave,
Astoria, NY 11105

W 12-7
Th - Sat 12-8
Sun 12-6

November 6, 2010

Aya's hat

My baby sis Aya is really good at knitting. This is a new hat she made for me this winter. It has a small brim and that makes it unique. My husband is wearing her hat, too. K is wearing a hat knitted by my the other sister. We are so lucky we have such crafty sisters who keeps us toasty.

November 3, 2010

cookies from Aki

My sister Akiko sometimes sends us cookies from Black Hound. This year, we got a box of gingerbread men and lemon ginger button cookies - both very tasty. Thanks, aunt Aki!

big button in small hand

cookie time

November 2, 2010

greeting cards for Creator's Co-op

Making cards for my friend Kazuki's shop in Astoria.
It's the first time my cards will be sold at an actual shop - really, really, excited!!

There'll be tons of unique handmade products like clothing, knits, jewelry, ceramics by local designers & artists including babyNOIR, Kazuki's children's clothing line, and some merchandise from Kaiju Big Battel. Happy I am a part of this.

If you live in NYC or happen to be in Astoria, please check out the shop!

shop address:
26-16 23rd Ave.
Astoria, NY 11105

Meet the artists at the opening reception:
Wine & Cheese Soiree
Friday, November 5th, 7pm - 9 pm 

new design for 2010

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