May 7, 2017





April 26, 2017

New Website

I don't know if I've announced it here, so I will: I have re-designed my website. I use Wix and it makes it so much easier to customize stuff around! Thanks Wix!

Screenshot of my home page.
What do you think?

I love the "drag-and-drop" feature – you can be pretty intuitive. I am curious what you use for your website? I've heard Wordpress is pretty good, too...

Since I switched to Wix, I've been pretty good at updating my website with new work, but I update my Instagram account the most with new sketches and finished visuals (with bits of my daily life), so please follow me there.

If you know friends who loves art, illustration, who are art directors or agents, please spread the words by letting them know the link to my site!


March 21, 2017

Live Painting @ Airbnb Press Dinner

In the end of February, Airbnb invited me to work as an on-site artist at their press dinner. I painted postcard-size watercolors from the media guests' vacation photos - it was challenging because of the number of pictures to be painted in the given time, but fun All the guests seemed very excited about having an artist paint from their photos live. Everyone was happy to bring home my paintings and it made me feel good. 


Above was my work desk of the night :) The event took place at the second floor event space of Haven's Kitchen in Chelsea. The staff was all very kind. I'd like to do a lunch sometimes.

The Bucket List Family—this amazing young family who travels around the globe—was the night's co-host and it was great to meet this adventurous couple and got to paint from one of their beautiful photos. I wish I had more time to talk to the interesting guests, most of them editors/writers; that is my only regret as I was too busy painting!

Thank you Aribnb for the wonderful opportunity!
And thank you Holly from DKC News for providing me with some of the pictures here.
You can see some of them at my portfolio site, too.

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