May 10, 2015

spring cooking

I sometimes get this phase when I am more enthusiastic about dinners and cooking in general. Last couple of weeks seem so. Sharing some pics of what I have been doing here...

Asparagus au gratin.
I've been into making this Béchamel sauce - so versatile -
once you know the basics, it's easy & always delicious.

Burnt Caramel Mocha Scones, not necessarily springy, but I had to paint.

Brussel sprouts with EVOO and garlic.

Aren't they beautiful?

Kimchee & avocado salad with fresh, homemade kimchee
from Park Korean Food at Green Flea Market in Upper West Side.
I drizzled some soy & toasted sesame oil.

And today was the Mother's Day. My 7-year-old made me a fancy brunch - French toast on a stick - and Randy got some crispy bacon. What more can I ask for?

My mother's home-cooked food nurtured us both physically & mentally - her dinners and lunch boxes are one of my favorite memories of childhood. I'm glad to see it being passed on to the next one in line!


  1. 春の数品、美味しそうだね。ご馳走になりたいものだ。

    1. こちらにはこちらの美味しいものがあるよね。砧のご飯もおいしいけどねー

  2. Everything looks delicious! Happy Mother's Day Yoriko!

    1. Thanks Marica! Means a lot coming from a pro! Hope you had a good Sunday as well :)


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