March 24, 2014

Slow Saturday, Artsy Sunday

SATURDAY • 3/22/2014

Leftover lunch bowl.

Photographed and listed more linen
pot holders at my shop in the after noon. 

 SUNDAY • 3/23/2014

Went to The Noguchi Museum for a kids' art class with my daughter.
Though this is geared for children, taking Harumi's classes reminds me of my days at art school; the days we always created and critiqued our work. It's a great exercise of the brain to observe Noguchi's work and Harumi always helps us to look at them in different perspectives.

Today's subject was akari - light - as Noguchi's work sometimes incorporated paper and light.

This is what I made:

I expressed my mind forest.
As a young child in Japan in the 70's, reading thick volumes of original Grimm Brothers' stories was very exotic, it felt like wondering in the dark, but mesmerizing woods. The images and the feel is still vivid today and trees and woods are among my favorite motifs to draw.

In this one, I replaced the LED provided in the class
with a orange-ish flickering light. I like the cozy feel.

I was pretty tired, but Kiliko helped me with the dinner.
She was so proud of her sausage spaghetti - delicious.

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