February 22, 2014

Food Bazaar Astoria/Long Island City

This new humongous grocery store opened on Northern Blvd.
We usually are not a huge fan of giant grocery stores, but this one has some unique variety of stuff in addition to regular grocery and we like it. My husband who is mysteriously on top of local trivia says it's owned by a Korean person.

I especially like the Korean specialty meat section where you can get thinly sliced meat that is hard to find in regular grocery stores. There's a big selection for different cuts and parts at the regular meat section as well.

They always seem to have some samples of Korean pears (kind of like Japanese nashi) and we tried & loved it. Juicy and crispy. I saw the cart organizer also grab some every time he passed in front of it, too.

While promoting the Korean food, of course, I like the fact that it is also trying to cater different food cultures - e.g. a big variety of chili peppers. It's a fun visit that makes you realize New York City's diversity!

P.S. Those pictures are from early January when we walked to Food Bazaar & we thought we had a lot of snow back then...




Special Feature: My Mom.

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