December 23, 2013

Holiday Cookie Decorating

Today was very productive and festive day for me & the girls. I used IKEA's frozen gingerbread dough  for the first time & pre-baked the cookies a day before with some help from Kiliko. The flavor is pretty good.

My mom always hosted a holiday cookie decorating playdate (almost a party) for me, my three siblings, and our friends before Christmas, and with Kiliko in a good age to enjoy things like this,  I planned to do a smaller version of it this year.

Little pastry chefs.
I looked up icing recipe online & here I'm using a basic icing with powder sugar & egg white. Some recipe calls for some lemon juice, but I did fine without since I didn't have any. It's probably for hiding some eggy taste and maybe the acid preserves it a little? Before I crack open the egg, I washed it in soap and hot water to avoid any salmonella poisoning.

My mom used to use just powdered sugar & water, but the egg white seemed to thicken & stabilize the icing a bit. It hardens nicer and looks more opaque when dry.

Lots of cookies, lots of personalities.

I enjoyed it as much as... well, maybe more than the girls. More I did it, I got more ideas, but cookies ran out before I could try everything. Kind of understood why there are people out there who go really far with iced cookies or even become pros! Need to bake more cookies next year. Wait, there's the Valentine's Day!

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