October 30, 2013

More DIY Halloween

I had a little Halloween project for Kili and her good friend Tristan today: DIY trick-or-treat bags!

I printed their names with store-bought stencils on a cotton totes and hand-carved bat stamp out of an eraser. They stamped the bats with fabric ink & drew pictures with Puffy Velvet fabric marker. This marker's ink gets puffy and gives the lines embossed look when heat-set.

We glammed them up with some iron-on glass crystals as well! They are made by Tulip and it works really well - they bond to the fabric pretty easily and steadily.

Everything used in this project was stuff I had for ages with no specific purpose - that was good, too! It is always satisfying to find a use for things.

Nice job girls!


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  2. さっき、かわいいねエと書いたけどコメント書き直そうと消したよ。なんだか美味しそうなものを食べてるね。KIRIKOになってる!

  3. はい、スペル間違えました。


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