December 21, 2011

Bibs and things

I think I'm over another illustration deadline! Woohoo!
Can't wait till those publications come out.

It had always been crazy before the holidays and this year was even more so. Since last Thursday when I went to buy some fabric for making bibs, I was either cutting & sewing, drawing & Photoshopping, crocheting, or doing house chores. I literally had no time to just sit down & do nothing. I was a total busy-body.

I came up with five bibs this time:


I'm happy with how they came out. They are sold for $18 - 20 at Creators' Co-Op in Astoria, or you can contact me & I'll let you know the additional shipping cost.

Today I had a private Photoshop lesson at my home with two friends. It was fun and once again I am amazed with all the things you can do with this software.

Another highlight of my week was my last after school fiber arts (crochet) class with 12 girls. They enjoyed working on their assignment: pompoms. In the end of class, they were happy to receive those red & white holiday bracelets I made for them, which is shown in the post below. I thanked the girls for their good work and in response they said, "Thank you for teaching us!" "You inspire us!" They are so adorable.

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