November 26, 2011

cheery projects

Lately, I've been spending my nights working on those holiday decorations.

I'm totally in love with making those less useful objects. It's about their shapes, colors, and the feel, rather than their functionality, technique and clean finish that is needed when making bags, clothing, etc.

Hope they'll look good in the store windows.
Those fluffy yarns drape beautifully.

Not-so-traditional-holiday-color garland,
but I think it will compliment
Kazuki's babySOLAIRE creations. 
Kili loooved those pink stuff
& was sad to see it leave to the store...
Sorry, buddy!

November 22, 2011

Aya X Yoriko invader hat

Forgot all about this hat. This was knitted by my sister for my friend's son's birthday last year. I created the design and she did the rest. I love this hat. Maybe I will ask her to make another for Randy.

Invader knit.
Out of all the different invaders, I like this jellyfish-like creature.

Kili testing it out.

November 21, 2011

Season I love to walk on the street


burning color tree!

I just need some apple cider & cider donuts from green market and my day will be perfect.

November 19, 2011

mid-afternoon snack

I'm supposed be working, but I just keep wanting to snack.
Those "pink cereal" of my daughter.

November 7, 2011

holiday 2011

My newest designs are now available online!
I made 5 new holiday cards this year. Along with them, there are of course birthday cards, season-appropriate blank cards as well, so browse and pick some up to send out to your favorite people.

As usual, they are also available at the lovely Creators' Co-Op in Astoria, which is having a store wide event on December 3rd. It is also a part of an avenue-wide event that involves free gifts, so stay tuned.

greetings with personality & love!

November 4, 2011






・カレー味のもの これは母ゆずり
・卵焼き (ぐるぐるのたまご)


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