October 2, 2011

Nice work!

Here are some pictures of my very first crochet student and a good friend Amy's work.
The first day she came to my workshop, she said she was frustrated with even doing the chain. Though it didn't discourage her from doing it and she kept assigning herself newer and slightly more challenging projects every time. Now look at what she can do.

She has also been working on a blanket which has been getting slightly bigger every time I visit her apartment. I'm so impressed with her steady enthusiasm.

This is a good example that even little by little, if you keep doing it, it will take you somewhere.


  1. 大変な上達ぶりで、教える方もやりがいがあるわね!素敵な仕上がりだわ。これはアクリルたわしかしら?そうだとしたら、きれいで使うのがもったいないような。

  2. これは鍋つかみです。


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