April 12, 2011

some crochet works

Last time I went home, I learned how to crochet from my 90-year-old grandmother, mainly because I wanted to try making those crochet dish-scrubber that she has been supplying me for over a decade. I've heard from my friends & sister that both knitting & crocheting are very addictive: I got hooked.

There's something about it: movements of your fingers and the needle, focusing on them, and the fact that this yarn transforms into an object, a surface, or a hat. I feel a trace of history in human creativity in this quiet yet satisfying action.

With some help from my grandma, my littlest sister, my mom, and a book I borrowed from her, I managed to read the diagrams and tried these on my own after coming back to the States:

The one in the middle is my first try of a square motif. 
It is perfect for my little sheep.

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