March 6, 2011

New spring designs

So March did come like a lion - windy, rainy days. And so came a bunny, birds and butterflies at my shop.

I have three new designs this spring. Two of them are done in watercolor - felt like the right medium to express the lightness of this cheerful, fresh season.

I made the bunny illustration originally as my personal New Year card for 2011. (For those in the western culture; it is the year of rabbit in Japan, China, and many Asian countries that applies one of the 12 zodiac animals to each year.) I got lots of compliment on it, so, on a popular demand, I made it come back as a birthday card!

What a perfect card to send out to your friends who were born in the year of rabbit!

This is also a tribute to my favorite artist/graphic designer/children's book author/illustrator/printmaker Hans Fischer. I got inspired by his lines & color scheme in his "Der Gestiefelte Kater (Puss in Boots)".

They'll be soon available at the Creators' Co-Op in Astoria, NY as well.
Hope you stop by my shop & send those out to people you love!



  1. Hey Yoriko,
    Remember me Marica?
    Anyway beautiful card, I found your blog
    through my sisters post on facebook.
    Big hugs,

  2. OF COURSE I remember you, Marica!
    I also remember you showed me how to make an apple pie. Oh, and reading lots of Berenstain bear stories with you guys.

    Went to your blog and you are still cooking! 'll be visiting your blog time to time.

    So glad to hear from you.


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