December 20, 2010

my friend's wedding

So, many things happen in the past year. We started our new life in New York City; we made some good new friends; Randy lost his studio (happily, in a way); he started working at home; and I opened up an online shop.

Among the good things, there was my good friend Helen's wedding. With complicated circumstances, we couldn't make it - this was one of my big disappointments this year.

Helen was Randy's printmaking student in Boston & that's how I got to know her. She's one of the nicest people I know. If you could ever humanize the words goodkind, and thoughtful that'd be her - well, at least for me it is. She is a good girl, and what's more, her egg salad sandwich is really good.

I had her invitation up on my fridge for a long time because it was one of the most special mails I've received. It was all hand-screenprinted by her (she's a hard worker, too!). It spoke her language in every way. Randy looked at the cards and said, "I don't wanna mail back this RSVP. It's too nice. Just make a copy and send that back!"

I imagine her wedding was as beautiful & sunny as she is.

Congratulations, Helen & Chris!

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