December 17, 2010

it's christmas time...

Went to Bloomingdale's with Kiliko in the afternoon because my sister gave me a gift card from this department store. (Yes, she's a nice sister & she has a good full-time job, but still, it was very generous of her to gift me like that, when I've given her nothing, well maybe a couple of greeting cards, in the recent years.)

It was filled with this crazy mood from the crowd: "oh no, only a week from Christmas & we gotta finish shoppin'!" type of mood. This was a moment I really felt that NYC is based on the consuming life. It was very interesting.

I browsed, but it was such a different world from where I usually am, so for a while Kili & I went up & down the stairs and just wondered through the crowd and products. Then, we went up to the 6th floor to the home fashion. There, Kili found this:

Allesi Cico eggcup!

How an eggcup can be any cuter? The hat is a salt shaker. She was really excited & since I didn't find anything else, I decided to get it. I'm more of a utilitarian, and this is totally unnecessary, but I just wanted Kili to have little happy moments when she eats her boiled egg, which is among her favorite foods. I guess I was pushed by the christmasy atmosphere & the idea that it was a gift from my sister; I got something fun like this for a change - not grocery or things we need.

Hope you are having a wonderful season!

Tree made by Kili.

Another holiday creation by Kili.
Happy Holidays!!

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