March 8, 2017

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

I've shared this a while ago in Instagram & Facebook, but to honor this day as a female illustrator/artist, I'd like to share it again:

Women Who Drawan online directory of women illustrators in an effort to increase the visibility of female illustrators, with an emphasis on illustrators of color, LBTQ+, and other minority groups. What is great about it is ran by a small group of women illustrators to support other women in the industry. BBC wrote an article here.

They also have Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, so if you want to be inspired by great art, follow them in support of female artists!

And yes, I am listed as one of them :)

I am so excited to be listed amongst amazing artists.
And some amazing women in my real life. Below is one of them I hang out pre-Women's Day — Yuko — my buddy from the 1st grade!

Even now we are both middle-aged,
we still feel like 6-year-olds! (Uh-oh)

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