June 30, 2013

handmade birthday gift

I love making stuff for my daughter's friends' birthdays. It's fun to think of the child and imagine how the garment will look on her/him while making it.

This one was made for Sophie whose birthday was last week.


front and back
parakeet pocket

This is a patchwork skirt in a sense as I made this connecting smallish fabric panels. Sometimes things get more interesting when you don't have enough fabric.

I had the skirt done and Kiliko suggested I print a pink parakeet on the pocket because her has a pet parakeet. Brilliant idea! It made it more fun and added a personal touch. She is already learning to design.

The other day when Kiliko had a playdate with her best friend at our home, she held a skirt I made for her and told her friend, "My mom made it. Nice design, huh?" Pretty good vocabulary for a 5-year-old!

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