April 16, 2013

Stay Strong, Boston.

It makes no sense.

I have so many memories of Boston and it is pretty sad that it had happened there involving innocent people. My good friend's husband was in the race, but he is okay and so as my other friends & their families.

I just hope things like this will never happen again.
We have so many other issues we need to deal with, than killing and hurting our own kind.

April 8, 2013

Blog Viewing Tip

It's been a while since Blogger introduced this "dynamic view", but I'm trying it out for the first time, hoping my readers will have easier access to my older posts & that some forgotten posts'll be rediscovered by those who are new to them.

Simply click on the viewing preferences on far left of the header bar.

Archives and categories are still on the right side of the blog; they'll pop up if you hover over them.

Hope you will find new photos/posts (which are old) you like!

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