July 19, 2011

Golden Acrylics rules

Repainting an old wooden toy for my daughter's school. It's from the 60s.

The school provided me with a jag of white acrylic paint, so I'm using that and my own Golden Acrylics paint for other colors. I noticed how much better Golden Acrylics are, compared to the one from school that is made in China.

There's more pigments and less medium so the colors are more opaque & vibrant. I guess comparing it with a kids paint to Golden Acrylics is as silly as comparing a toy car to a real car, but it never registered in my mind that I use such a good paint because it just was what I had left since my art school days and I kept using it. (With occasional flirting with Holbein acrylics, which is pretty good, too.) Using another paint reassured me that Golden does make good stuff.

drying wagon.

drying milk bottles.

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