January 9, 2011

Two Valentine's Day cards

I managed to finish two designs for Valentine's Day this year. One for my online shop & the other for Randy's Kaiju Big Battel. It'll be available at the Creator's Co-Op, too, if you live in NYC area.

More I work with Photoshop, I realize it's a lot like printmaking process with all the layers. I haven't done much printmaking since I left school, but this process is sort of keeping me from forgetting how it works. Of course, real printmaking involves lots more physical process, but at least I'm practicing the mental side of it. Someday, I'd love to work in a printshop again if time and money allows me to.

Hoping these cards will mark the special occasion for lots of people!

Happy relationship!

I personally think the most crazy & strange people I met
are among those printmaking people.

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